The Perfect Ice Pop

I have said over and over again that this pregnancy has been harder on me because of the summer months. So to help me cope with it I have been turning to cold treats like popsicles, ice cream, frappacinos, and anything else sugary and cold. But recently I got my sugar level tested and my doctor told me that I have developed gestational diabetes, which means that I have to change my diet. So these past weeks I have been trying to find alternatives to my original coping methods (there goes my all you can eat pregnancy diet). One of the solutions that has been really helping me is that I started to make are these natural ice pops, which contains only 2 ingredients and its guilt free. Check out the recipe below. 
1. 1/2 L of coconut water (I like the Blue Monkey organic one because its sweet enough for it not to taste like water)
2. Any type of fruit chopped in to small pieces (Mase loves blueberries and I love strawberries so that is what we make our ice pops with most of the times)
1. You will need to purchase a popsicle mold. I got this one from Amazon for $20 and its dishwasher safe, plus its easy to get the frozen ice pops out.
2. Fill each slot with the fruit of your choice.
3. Pour in the coconut water. If you want it a little sweeter add half coconut water and half Sprite, or if you want it adult friendly you can add half coconut water and half Rose (for a booze treat).
4. Freeze over night and when you want to enjoy one just run the entire mold under a little bit of cold water and you can get the one you desire out. 
Happy summer and enjoy your creations without the guilt!


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