Dear Me

In honour of Mother's Day I wanted to share with you a letter I recently wrote to myself about my vulnerabilities, personal struggles and mommy guilt from transforming from a woman into a mother. So here we go...

Dear Younger Self,

I know you are this fabulous girl right now with no cares in the world except for buying the latest handbag, where your next vacation is going to be with #thewarden, and what you are going to do this weekend with the girls. I know this is what makes you happy right now, but to tell you the truth you won't truly feel happiness until you have met Mase (and your soon to be second kid). 

Let me tell you about your son; who doesn't let a day go by where he doesn't annoy you so much that you don't rip your hair out. Or there isn't a day where you feel like everything you are trying to enstole upon him is wrong and you just don't know what the hell you are doing. But most of the time you just think that everything you are doing just isn't enough. Oh and I can't forget to tell you about the major guilt that you develop from trying to balance your business and family life. There are times that you will cry your eyes out because you have to leave him behind for days on end. I would like to tell you that becoming a mother has been easy so far, it's really not. But the mental and physical pain is all worth it just by that smile he flashes you once in a while to give you reassurance that mom; I love you and just chill it will all work out at the end of the day.

So hold on and just remember being a mother is the most rewarding thing a woman can do. 

With Love Always,

Your Future Self


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