DIY- Christmas Advent Calendar

Happy December! OMG I can't believe how fast this year has gone by, guess time flies when you are attending to a baby ;) 
This is Mason's first real Christmas; last year he was only 1 week old so he didn't understand anything. But this year I wanted to do something cute for him, and what better way to it than with an advent calendar. I decided to make one so I can customize it with cute things to do together with him and control the amount of chocolate he eats so he doesn't go sugar crazy. 
I found these really cute Ikea gift bags with stickers to put the 24 things in. I took the stickers and drew the numbers on them, I know I can be artsy when I want too lol. 

Instead of putting only sweets in the bags; I did a combination of chocolate and costume cards where I wrote down fun activities that we would do together. 

And lastly I put everything in the bags close them up with the stickers, and use the clothespins to hang them on my chicken wire frame. The chicken wire frame was somehting I made previous for my wedding (where I hung the guests table numbers) and I upcycled it for Masons nursery. But the beauty of using clothes pins is that you can clip them on anything around the house for your little one to open one each day. 

Happy Holidays! 


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