Mason's Menu- Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with your fingers

Mason is now at the stage where he doesn't want me to feed him, but he still does not understand how to eat with a fork or spoon, so you can imagine the mess that he causes every meal time. My only option was to create fun and nutritious finger food meals to get him to eat. I had to get creative and make sure that the food I put on his plate was easy for him to disgust (because he only has 4 teeth) and when he picked up the food it wouldn't dissolve in his fingers. Another factor was that for each of his meals he had to have a little from each food group, and that is why I love using divided Munchkin's apple plate. It helps me with portion control and the nutrient values of the food I give him, also its fun for Mason to make his own choices from the plate. All of these plates are Mason approved and its perfect for your little one transiting. 

Avocado, Cinnamon Baked Fruit Salad, Spinach and Ham Frittata

Sometimes I find that if the apple or pear is not ripe enough its hard for mason to chew (since he only has 4 teeth). So I take the fruit with canned pineapple (and the juice), cranberries, cinnamon, vanilla and brown sugar and bake it at 350 F for 45 minutes.

Mason hates eating egg so I always come up with creative ways that will mask the egg taste. I have found that Frittata is a great way, his favorite combination is spinach, ham and onion.

Cucumber, Roasted Cauliflower, Multi-Grain Grilled Cheese

I love cauliflower and especially the taste of roasted cauliflower. I usually make a big batch of it and I would just add it to Mason's plate for an added vegetable component. Super easy; cut up the cauliflower and drizzle with olive oil; bake at 400 F for 30 minutes. Its perfect for the whole family.

I think anyone can make a grilled cheese and sometimes it can be made very healthy, with the use of a high quality multi gran bread (my favorite is from my local bakery Brick Street Bakery). I butter both sides of each piece of bread and than place the 2 pieces of bread onto a hot skillet and add the cheese slices (I love the taste of Organic Meadow cheddar cheese) on each piece of bread. I let it melt a little than I close it up.

Cheerios, Baked Broccoli, Cherry Tomato, Baked Salmon

I bake the salmon and broccoli together in a tinfoil pouch with lots of lemon juice to give both things more flavor without the need to add salt. I cook the pouch for 30 minutes at 380 F so that everything comes out soft, but not too soft that Mason can't pick it up with his little fingers. 

Love Child Love Duck Snacks, Grapes, Dry Chicken Noodle Soup

Mason loves Love Child products and his favorite are these tomato and carrot duck snacks. They are a great snack to give him when I am out and I need something quick to keep him calm. So at lunch or dinner I like to add some of these when I introduce new foods to him, to give him a sense of familiarity.

I make my own chicken soup once a week. So when I am running around and we come home with no time for me to cook Mason a meal from scratch I make him my dry chicken noodle soup. It is called dry chicken noodle soup because there is no liquid. I take a pot and put whatever root vegetables (carrots, parsnips, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc) I have in my fridge, and than I add my homemade chicken stock and I bring everything to a boil on a high heat. Once the vegetables are just before fork tender I than add the vegetable pasta (or any pasta you like) and cook it for another 15 min on medium heat. Once everything is done I scoop everything out without the soup and I let Mason feed himself by using his little fingers.

Mango, Organic Valley Cheese String, Earths Best Organic Mini Waffles, Scrambled Eggs

This is my "I AM LAZY" breakfast! Easy to put together, very nutritious and loved my the kid. Nuff said- mic drop lol. 

Apple Sauce, Bananas, Multi-Grain French Toast

My go to french toast recipe is super easy; 2 eggs, 1/4 cup of milk (if I make it for myself I use almond milk), a splash of vanilla extract, and a dash of cinnamon. I like to serve with apple sauce because it gives the dish sweetness without needing to add maple syrup. I haven't really given artificial sugar to Mason yet so this is a great option.


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