Travel Diary- Prince Edward County

Before the summer comes to an end the bff and I wanted to take a little trip together, but we didn't have the heart to leave our kids behind so instead we made it a family trip (minus the husbands but brought our mothers). Now the questions was where to go? It was tough to come up with a spot because we had to travel with 4 kids from the ages of 3 month old to 4 years old, so the easiest thing was a short road trip to a cottage. We decided on Prince Edward County, which is somewhere that we both haven't been and it's also the new hot spot to cottage at in Ontario.

We rented a cute house on Main Street in Wellington where the street was filled with cute gift shops, ice cream parlors and cafes. It was very peaceful atmosphere.

On our first full day we explored the beaches in Sandbanks. There are a couple of beaches in Sandbank Provincial park and each one of them had its own beauty. Since we only had one day to explore we decided to go to two out of the four beaches. We first went to the West Point beach where there was a lot of shaded areas so it was perfect for the 4 kids and 1 Asian grandmother (who refuses to have tanned skin). There was also a little park with a jungle gym and swings which was perfect for the two toddlers. Overall this was the best beach for kids; the water was very calm and sallow. It was Mason's first time swimming in a lake and of course he helped himself to some sand and lake water, no surprise since this kid eats everything and anything.

Later in the afternoon we went to Outlet beach; the sand was super white and fine and the water was perfect for swimming but deeper than West Point. It was very beautiful and looked like a beach from the Caribbean. However it was very sunny and there was not a lot of shade on the beach, so we had to search for beach umbrellas to buy (which was super annoying because there wasn't anyone on the beach who rented out umbrellas). This beach was defiantly more of an adult beach.

When you are in PEC you have to visit the Drake Devonshire. This institution is probably the establishment that made PEC such a popular place to explore. The mini hotel was beautifully decorated with cool yellow doors and 70s inspired furniture. The food at their only restaurant was fun, very camping/east coast inspired with a modern twist. The property was a little smaller than expected but the property was perfectly positioned on the water with a beautiful view of the lake.

I don't know how single mothers or mothers with no help do it because  after this trip I experienced a level of exhaustion that I have never felt before. There were 4 kids and 4 adults and the adults got their asses handed to them. 


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