Prim and Pimp Approved- Double Duty Stretch Mark Creams

Stretch marks!!! Its another thing to look forward to after having a baby. Some women have lots and others are blessed with a little; I landed in between. Of course I was mortified when I first saw signs of stretch marks after I had baby Mason. I don't really know how long these nasty things were on my body, but all I know is that as I started to slowly lose weight the more red these things became. So I started the search for an affordable cream that was easily accessible on the market. And the verdict...

Palmer's Cocoa ButterI used this the moment I found out that I was pregnant to help me fit the signs of stretch marks. After 8 months of using it I did end up still having stretch marks but there wasn't a lot. I continued using it after I gave birth to baby Mason and it helped reduce the redness. Overall for a $15 product I think it did the job that it should have.

Elabloom Calming Baby Oil- I was introduced to this product first to help with baby Mason's psoriasis and eczema. It was such a light weight and non greasy oil that it really helped Mason's skin get better. I thought to try it on my skin one day as I ran out of the coco butter and it and it kept my stretch mark area moisturized and helped reduce the redness. As a busy new mom I really liked that I was able to use this product to help both me and my baby. 

Baby & Eve Mummy Tummy- This product was given to me by one of my friends who swore by it for her stretch marks. Once I used it I fell in love with it because it was thick which kept my stretch marks moisturized all day. After using it twice a day it reduced the redness of my stretch marks and it even worked on old stretch marks that the warden had from his muscle building days.

Overall these three products has become a staple on my bed side table, it may have not removed the stretch marks but it helped reduce the appearances of them. At the end of the day I guess I will have to live with these war marks to show the pain and suffering of a mother's endurance and love for their child.  


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