Five Unconventional Valentine's Day Activities

What to do for Valentine's day? Doing the normal chocolates and expensive dinner is so last year. Lets do something fun and kick it up a notch and get kiki in bed.

1. Milk and cookies- bake some sweet cookies and grab some chocolate milk and feed it to each other in bed as a night cap.

2. 50 Shades of Grey- the most anticipated sexy movie is opening this weekend, why not go watch it with your partner and learn some new tricks to reenact.

3. Role play- be whoever you want to be and have your partner try to pick u up like you two have never met before.

4. Dave & Busters- a little competition never hurts so get down and dirty because its the battle of the sexes.

5. Massages- grab some essential oils like jasmine and fressia and get naked. Take turns and don't be selfish.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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