Winter's Coat Closet

I love buying coats more than shoes...okay maybe I'm lying; its an equal love of mine. When you live in a city that is filled with more colder months than warm ones, you kind of have to stock up on coats. I always rely on new coats to keep my fall and winter wardrobe up to date, and that is why I live by the rule of purchasing two new coats every winter season. Here are some styles of coats that can update anyone's winter looks.

Military Inspired
This winter's military coat is not just related to the traditional army colors (green and camouflage) but more about the different colors, shapes and details. What makes it a military coat? Well first start with a coat that has a structured shape either straight A-lined or cropped, and preferably double breasted. Than make sure the jacket has interesting details like big buttons. And lastly it should have a fur collar which adds a touch of warmth and glamour to the overall look. When you are shopping for this trend, think of old school Russian army generals and the thick wool coats that was fashioned for them.  
1. Michael Kors, 2. Sportmax, 3. Vero Moda, 4. Altuzarra, 5. Kenzo

I love these coats! The big volume look is very in and this season with the new bright colors and prints it is a must have in any closet. Its also a great shape coat for any body type as long as you wear it properly. Make sure that you are pairing the coats with fitted pieces underneath so you don't add volume to the coat. I suggest wearing this coat with a silk blouse and a cute pencil skirt. When shopping for this trend think about all of the luscious fashions from our favorite show; Mad Man.

This is jacket is your old ski jacket on steroids; its puffier or shinier. Now these coats can be easily thrown over any sweat shirt and sweat pant combo, because its just that easy. But I urge you not to wear this jacket that way as you may start looking like the Michelin man. Pairing the shorter jackets with a light weight turtleneck and a pair of fun jeggings will keep you on trend. Also if you go for the longer versions make sure that it can be belted at the waist, this way it won't make you look sloppy and still keeping your shape in tact. When you are shopping for this trend, think about being on the ski slops in the Swiss Alps sipping on some hot coco.
1. Moncler, 2. Burberry Brit, 3. J.Crew, 4. Pyrenex

Happy Shopping!


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