P&P Gets Married- DIY Wax Seal

Its no surprise to anyone by now that I recently got engaged and so far it has been a little overwhelming. I am one of those girls that has never really dreamt about their wedding day, however I am a person that knows what she likes and wants in life. For those reasons I thought it would be interesting for me to document this journey with a new section called "P&P Gets Married". To kick off this new section, I decided to start with a very easy DIY project that I did for our engagement invitations.
I have always loved the look of a wax seal, and the history behind the red wax symbols. It was first originated by the British Royals, where they would add wax seals to any proclamations to give them the stamp of approval. After getting our amazing invitations from Wedding Paper Divas (thanks guys for doing an amazing job and making the process so easy); I decided to add a little more finesse and character to our invitations by adding our own stamp of approval to our invited guests. Check out the easy how to below... 

You'll need:
  • Wax Gun (WARNING: do not use a regular glue gun for the wax)
  • Wax 
  • Seal Stamp 
  • Ice Block
  1. Turn on your wax gun and while you are waiting for the gun to warm up prepare your work station (WARNING: the wax comes out very fast so work quickly and stay organized), than squeeze the wax onto the middle of the envelope (like the size of a nickle).
  2. Let the wax sit for 3 seconds.
  3. Take your wax stamp and place it down in the middle of the wax and press down hard.
  4. Lift the wax seal off after 5 seconds and place the seal on the ice block to cool the stamp down. 


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  1. These are amazing! And I can't wait for more "P&P Gets Married" posts, I hope you will have an amazing journey.

    1. aww thank you so much, you are so sweet!!!



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