DIY: Jil Sander Hat

When I first saw this hat on the runway I almost died. I was obsessed with how this hat added sophistication to an outfit. It reminded me of a cool and sexy 60's housewife. This was also a favourite accessory for Anna Dello Russo, who wore it on many occasions during Paris fashion week. Since I am a big hat lover and as promised in my recent post, it was only appropriate for me to come up with a DIY on this amazing hat.
 For this DIY you will need:
1. knit toque (any colour you desire),
2. tulle netting or hat netting (colour to match the colour of the toque),
3. scissors, 
4. sewing needle (preferably a thick one),
5. thread (same colour as the toque and netting), and
6. measuring tape

Lay-out the netting and measure out a rectangle. Depending how big or small your head is I find that 24 1/2" inches by 7 1/2" inches is a good size for most head circumferences.

Place the toque in the middle of the rectangle netting. Than take the two ends of the netting and fold it over in the middle of the toque. Overlap the netting over each other by 1" inch; this makes it easier to sew the netting together to the toque.

Take your needle and thread and start sewing 1" inch from the rim of the toque. Stitch upwards (towards the peek of the hat) for 3" inches. When wearing the toque tuck the bottom edges into the toque to secure the loose ends.  



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