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Who said you can't be fashionable on the slopes...well for a couple of years now Stella McCartney has given all fashionistas a calling with her collaboration for Adidas. For someone like me who is nonathletic; Stella's sportswear line always give me motivation to try. And these snow pants/overalls from her most recent winter collection encouraged me to go down the hill totally cool and knowing what I was doing (LOL). 
Another thing that I hate about ski gear are the goggles. I hate the way they leave that mark on your cheeks. I tried very hard to find something different, and came across these I SKI sunglasses. Okay, they weren't the most ideal goggles because they are actually sunglasses, but I just couldn't resist myself. I SKI were developed in the 70s promoting all weather sunglasses which filters light and improves contrast. These particular ones has leather trimming on the side for better protection. But it was the vintage style of that sold me over all of the other styles. 
I hope for your next ski trip you guys can take something away from this post...

Outfit: Snow Pant Overalls (Stella McCartney for Adidas), Turtleneck (Zara), Ear Muffs (Sporting Life), Sunglasses (I SKI), Boots (Vintage) 


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  1. These snowpants look fabulous, the sunglasses are cool but after the faceplant I did last weekend boarding and crashing a jump I know they wouldn't last long with me!


Thank you for your comment :)