nighty nite

Back in Toronto and I am so happy to see my bed again. For some reason no matter where I stay and how luxurious or dingy the place is, its never the same as sleeping in your own bed. Over all it was a great weekend, but wished we had more real snow on the slopes (instead of ice). 
These pics were take from our first night at the cabin while we were getting settled. Honestly if it wasn't so cold I would wear this outfit out! I love the simplicity of a silk slip paired with a cozy knit sweater. It makes me want to run through a wheat field on a warm spring day with the sun beaming on my face. Kind of like a Free People catalog photo shoot...hehehe. Oh well guess I have to wait a few more months for this bohemian life style. 

Outfit: Cardigan (Theory), Silk Slip (Wilfred), Fur Hat (Rudsak), Boots (Vintage)


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  1. Yes this looks super cozy! Your hat is my favorite part! Thankfully we've been a lot of snow in mountains near me so the beau and I got a great day of riding over the weekend.

    I wish you more snow next time!


Thank you for your comment :)