prim things- december

December is all about being cozy in front of a fire (or the radiator if you live in a condo like me) with your loved ones sharing stories about the past year. What better way to make those moments even better than to add a cup of hot chocolate to the mix. Here is a hot chocolate (lavender hot chocolate) recipe that I am bubbling about this month! 

It wouldn't be Xmas without any snow, so I am hoping its going to be a white Xmas this year.

This month I decided to start a new holiday tradition by baking everyone Xmas cookies. Well at least I thought it was a good idea until I started to set off the fire alarm in my flat. I was able to bake 100 cookies until my back gave out and I got bored. Next year I won't be so ambitious and only stick to baking sugar cookies.

Happy Holidays!!!


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  1. Joy to the world and all the delicious yummy things that come with this wonderful time of year!


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