big bear

Wearing: Sandro Coat, Joe Fresh Turtleneck, Club Monaco Culotte, YSL Boots, Chanel Bag



Pop of Pink

Wearing: Vintage Coat, Moschino Sweater (worn as dress), YSL Shoes



Five Unconventional Valentine's Day Activities

What to do for Valentine's day? Doing the normal chocolates and expensive dinner is so last year. Lets do something fun and kick it up a notch and get kiki in bed.

1. Milk and cookies- bake some sweet cookies and grab some chocolate milk and feed it to each other in bed as a night cap.

2. 50 Shades of Grey- the most anticipated sexy movie is opening this weekend, why not go watch it with your partner and learn some new tricks to reenact.

3. Role play- be whoever you want to be and have your partner try to pick u up like you two have never met before.

4. Dave & Busters- a little competition never hurts so get down and dirty because its the battle of the sexes.

5. Massages- grab some essential oils like jasmine and fressia and get naked. Take turns and don't be selfish.

Happy Valentine's Day!



Last night in Maui #primandpimptakeshawaii

As we spent our last night in Hawaii I was extremely sad to leave, I knew we would be going back to the dead of winter in Toronto and our paradise would be forgotten. Nevertheless it was magical! I have to say that I am not one for romance (don't get me wrong a little doesn't hurt) but the dinner we had by the beach under the moonlight was something that took my breath away. The warden and I fell in love all over again. Shhhhhhh

For a magical night there has to be a magical outfit. As I quickly realized in Maui that the attire for an evening dinner is very casual, so the 50,0000 sexy cocktail dresses I packed were not options. Instead this look was the most dressed down I was able to come up with from the bottom of the suitcase. 

Culotte has recently had its come back and we have seen many past winter and new upcoming spring versions. The wide shape gives a girl like me with a boyish figure some volume and curves...yay! And this specific pair is perfect because of its high-waist cut, which hides my belly so I can feel comfortable wearing it with crop tops. Oh and lets not forget the houndstooth print (trust me when I say it now) this will be the print of ss15.  

Wearing: Missguided Crop Top, Club Monaco Culotte, Miu Miu Shoes, J.Crew Earrings  



A post card from Oahu #primandpimptakeshawaii

Being in Oahu was probably one of the best parts from our Hawaii trip. There was such a great mixture of city and country life that it was hard to choose from. As the warden is typically a beach bum and I have no patients in sitting on a beach but rather explore the culture, this island had both which kept both of us happy and entertained. The best part for mixed country and city life is that you get to wear whatever you want, as long as you have a bathing suit underneath and are ready at all times to drop, roll and swim at all times of the day. Oh how I miss that life!

Wearing: Union of Angel Dress, Chloe Sunnies



#primandpimptakeshawaii Day 1 1/2

We finally made it! After a busy couple of months we have finally found time for our honeymoon. I'm glad that we waited this long as the weather in Toronto has been unbearable. We landed in Honolulu in the beginning of the week and instantly we were greeted by bright blue skies and sun shining bright like gold. Instant happiness!

 For our first excursion we decided to be active and concur the hike at Diamond head. Thank g-d i brought running shoes because if I wore flip flops I don't think I could have make it up to the top of the lookout point. It took us about 40 minutes around trip. Being up on the highest point you defiantly appreciate what mother nature has created.

Than on our way to the beautiful white beaches of  Lanikai, we took a detour to Pali lookout point. There was no hiking involved here all you had to do was drive up into the parking lot and walk a couple of minutes to the huge balcony. 

Finally the beach, always a the best way to end off the day. Aloha from Hawaii