what kind of mommy will I be?

Happy 5 month! Yay, I am now at my halfway mark of my pregnancy and its mind blowing how fast time has elapsed. On one hand I am so excited to finally meet Baby Ng and get my old body back. But then there is that huge fear of being a mother!

Last week I was at my doctor’s office and as he was doing the ultrasound he asked if I wanted to see the baby’s face? Without any hesitation I said "YES," but when I saw Baby Ng’s face I screamed out “that’s scary!!!” My doctor immediately gave me a smug look as if he has already judged me as a bad mother. In my defense I thought I was going to see a cute baby face that resembled both me and the Warden, not an image of a skull (the second ultrasound picture above is what I am referring too, so you be the judge).

So I started to think to myself am I a bad mother? Should have I cried when I saw my baby’s skull? I have so many questions about the next stage of my life…



running errands

Today I am not going to complain about pregnancy! Instead I'm going to enjoy my new big boobs and take out with me to go do errands. LOL!

Wearing: American Apparel dress, Nasty Gal kimono, Raf Simons for Adidas Slippers, Prada bag, Alexander McQueen sunnines.



How to protect your skin from the sun- Global News segment


Last week I had the honor of being on Global News talking about protecting your skin from the sun, beyond using sunscreen. Watch the segment to see all of the tricks to healthy and youthful skin.



The trials and tribulations in getting dressed when pregnant

Imagine this...it's 6 am in the morning and I need to be across the city for an 7 am call time, but I can't get up, so I press my snooze button and lay my head back down. Now it's 6:20 am and I  jump out of my bed in a panic, than run into my closet and stand there looking at all my clothes with a clueless face. As I keep looking in my closet I think to myself; shit I have way too many crop tops, how am I going to hide this baby bump on TV? Than I start trying on outfits as I know time is running out and the pile of clothes on the floor has become Mount Everest. All I want is an outfit that is TV appropriate and it won't make me look pregnant. So it means that it has to be something simple but not too sexy, loose but not too baggy and bright but not to many prints...and I had nothing!  
As I am about to cry I looked at myself in the mirror and stare at my stomach. Than a light bulb went off...am I stupid? Why am I worrying about my weight when this should be a happy time in my life? It literately will be the only time where I can gain weight and stuff my face without feeling any guilt. So I decided that I was going to stop being a little wimp and realize that I am pregnant and embrace it. Why did I ever think that I would look like Jessica Alba when she was pregnant? It wasn't like I remotely looked like her on a normal bases. So I reached for my tightest (non-sexy) dress I had and wiggled into it. At first I was a little hesitant but than I decided to layer something over the dress so I am little more comfortable. This layering meant that it couldn't be a baggy loose sweater but rather something with a structured slimming shape. Voila I have an outfit and I am loving my new found weight. Okay fine I don't love it I like it, but with this new outlook I know I'll get there.  
Wearing: Zara Sleeveless Trench Coat, ASOS Dress, Altuzarra Shoes, JOLIE Purse 



Surprise! We are having a baby

Congratulations on your pregnancy! We are so happy for you! How are you feeling? Are you okay? These are the phrases and questions I have been hearing for the past 3 1/2 months and to be honest I'm sick of it. Okay the cat is out of the bag, I'm pregnant!!! I feel and look like that ugly green thing Slimer from Ghostbusters, so how to you think I'm feeling? All I want to do is get back to my normal self! I know my friends and family are all genuinely happy for the warden and I, but I'm over it. I feel like this bundle of joy has already started to torture me. 

I consistently feel like shit. Why do people call it morning sickness when it happens all day and all night. Morning sickness should be called hell instead. I know some of you mothers, mommys to be, and everyone else reading this probably think that I am the biggest whiny bitch ever! But I'm sorry I just don't enjoy pregnancy. Don't get me wrong that doesn't mean that I'm not looking forward to meeting baby Ng, and being a mother. I am very excited to watch this little peanut grow up and break hearts like their mommy has ;) All jokes aside through, I am very excited to be a mother!  

Trust me I feel guilty everyday that I am not one of those woman that love pregnancy. I find pregnancy more like being stuck in a hunted house. So please help and don't hate me!

Wearing: Free People bra and briefs, Vintage robe