Another Decade

Another year, and this year its not just one year older but a decade. Now as I am in my 30's I am liberated. I no longer have to worry about all of those little faults that I was scare of in my 20's. I can now look forward to find a whole new set of rules to be scared of (lol!) but at least I have 2 decades under my belt to help me over come the fears. So 30's coooommmmmeeeee ooonnnnnn down...I am ready for you!

A special thanks to everyone who made it so easy to look forward with such grace and ease! You know who you guys are and I love you all very much!!!



letting go of summer

Since the wedding it has been non stop; so I do apologize for the non-frequent posts. But its September now (my favorite months of the year) and things are not about to slow down. With my 30th birthday around the corner jitters are flying all around me. 

But nothing makes me happier than presents...these beautiful bracelets recently was sent to me as an early birthday gift from Alex and Ani and I couldn't be happier. I love charm bracelets as they help celebrate special moments in your life, or provide a meaningful moment. The ones I received were very meaningful to this point of my life; the first one was the "Tree of Life" - symbolizing hope, conservation and growth. And the second charm bracelet was the "Lucky Clover" - symbolizing luck, fortune and prosperity. Both charms symbolizes everything that I strive for in life right now! So whats your moment? 




As the wedding creeps up in less than a week all of my nerves and fears starts to intensify. I think to the days of why women had to get married, whether its to combined tribes for strength, financial support because women couldn't work, or just because having children out of wedlock was a sin. I think to myself at this day and age none of these reasons apply to women anymore, so why are we still doing it? 

Why do we need to go through all of the stress of making sure everything is perfect for that one day? And it is all forgotten the morning after! During the process not only does it bring out the worst in everyone, but the drama that arises turns you into an awful person. Friendships may end and family tension will surface. I have to be honest as this process hasn't been easy for me as I have been going through all of it. 

What do you do when people around you are so excited for you and all you want to do is crawl into a hole? Don't get me wrong I have no commitment issues as I rather be with him a.k.a "the warden" for the rest of my life with out this marriage propaganda. But than I stop and realize that in a relationship its not about yourself, it takes two and when you see the excitement in the other persons eyes you realize that everything will be okay. I am lucky to have a person in my life that loves me for the crazy person I am, who I know will always be there for me, and someone that I can share all of my deepest secrets with without giving judgement.

I love you baby! T-7 days!