graffiti jungle

I am not throwing away my sense of fashion just because I cannot fit into anything in my closet and buying a new wardrobe for my new fat body is just like throwing in the towel and giving up. So instead I have changed my look to what I call my mommy style which includes a pair of runners, comfy and baggy top to hide the weight gain and a hair style that pays tribute to Jenny from the block or more like helping to prolong my hair from being washed. I will never give up I just have to adapt until my body decides to come back lol!



Happy New Year

Sunday was the first day I was able to dress up and take a break from my "sitting the month"! It felt great to put on make-up and wear anything other than PJs ;)

Wearing: Oak and Fort Jacket, Forever 21 Sweater, Zara Jeans, Cole Haan Boots



Prim & Pimp's Journey to Baby Ng- Body Pump

Below is a summary of the workout plan created by Tricia for our Body Pump episode. Feel free to download it and use it through out your pregnancy. Have fun!



sitting the month

As a Chinese Canadian my whole life I have lived through a western ideal. However after speaking to many mommy's from both the western and the eastern culture and after many months of back and forth I decided to stay in my pj's for 30 days to do the eastern traditional "sitting the month" postnatal recovery. It was a decision that I made before baby Mason was born and now that I have been doing it for 2 weeks I am a little annoyed.

So what does an eastern post pregnancy recovery consist of? It defiantly is not easy, especially when I am a very active person and never believed in eastern practices or medicine (read this article as it paints a very detail picture of what the practice is like (http://www.npr.org/2011/07/20/138536998/for-chinese-moms-birth-means-30-days-in-pajamas). I never bought into all of those old wives tales about if you don't wear socks in the winter you will get headaches. I don't know what possessed me to buy into this whole recovery practice...probably because I've seen my cousins and Asian friends who have done it and they look better than ever. Being such a vain person this was the only reason that I decided to dedicate myself to this practice. 

Here are some of the pros and cons that I have seen while being on this recovery method in the first 2 weeks. 

The pros 
-My stomach has flatten dramatically and I have not needed to work out.
-I have an abundance amount of breast milk
-I have lots of energy 
-Living in PJs

The cons
-I am not allowed to leave the house for a whole month, it's only been 2 weeks and I'm bored out of my mind 
-I can't take a shower for a whole month only ginger sponge baths, which means I will stink (this only lasted 8 days and I totally gave up! I was so grossed out by myself I felt like a homeless person. No matter how good this could be for my recovery I was willing to let this one go) 
-Living in PJs

So far I haven't followed "sitting the month" step by step and it already feels like house arrest. Let's see how the next 2 weeks progress.


Baby Mason Sunny Ng's Birth Story

Wow! What a couple of days it has been. First I thought I was going to be past my due date and would maybe have a Christmas baby. But that didn't happen because on December 14th at 6:45am we welcomed Mason Sunny Ng to this world at 9.09 pounds and 18 inches. 

I will spare everyone the exact details but I will recap this awful but wonderful and painful but blissful day. I went into early labour at 1:30 am on Sunday. As this being my first pregnancy and everyone knows, especially the warden that I'm a drama queen; when the first contractions came we both wanted to put it off as Braxton hicks (fake contractions). But as the contractions started to get more regular and painful I knew I was in some type of labour. However I wanted to be sure so I held off until 7:30am to leave for the hospital. 

Once we arrived to the hospital I got my first examination and it was determined that I was only 3 cm dilated. This meant that I wasn't in active labour yet, so I had the choice of going home and waiting or staying at the hospital. We decided to stay at the hospital and to progress the dilation I walked around the entire hospital. As I walked from ward to ward and my contractions got worse, everything got harder. I remember seeing strangers reactions as they would walk by me and feel so sorry for me. I even had one lady come up to me too say a prayer for me.

Finally after 7 hours I got officially omitted into my birthing suite, and surprisingly only 5 cm dilated. Oh well I didn't care how many cm I was dilated all I wanted was the epidural! I mean I really wanted it...to the point where I was screaming "EPIDURAL" at any nurse that walked by my room. One nurse was so annoyed with me that she closed my door! I got the epidural and than everything was fine. As the warden describes it; I went from evil devil bitch to a sweet angel. Either way without the epidural for the situation I had I would have killed myself. 

As I write this I am still very much in pain and recovering from this some what traumatic experience. Was it worth it? YES! But would I do it again? Too early to tell.